From Books and Band-aids to Blogs

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How daunting is it writing a first blog when there are so many great blogs out there?

I feel thoroughly enriched by reading many blogs. Even when they touch on the same subject, I find each one reinforces the others, often offering a different take and building further understanding of the issue. And what a joy when you read the line that gives you an aha moment or truly resonates.

I thought looking for a good blog would be like finding a needle in a haystack, to use a cliché that is not very relevant today. But the art of blogging that I have observed is one of being efficient with words and concepts and hence valuable key messages are not hard to identify.

What also amazes and impresses me is how willing people are to share their knowledge and ideas so freely, both to write their blogs and respond to comments. In some cases, even to connect in a more meaningful way.

In the first few weeks of participating actively in social media I have been fortunate enough to be offered the opportunity to have coffee with a local academic GP leader to discuss collaborative opportunities, to Skype with a GP in England who shared some visionary ideas around electronic health records and to join a national initiative that will have enormous potential to create positive change in health, Change Day Australia.

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I am hugely grateful for the time that people give for the greater good. I’m not sure these would have arisen via my usual networks, and certainly not so quickly and easily.

The collective momentum has potential beyond anything we could have dreamed of in the pre-digital era. It is also important to ensure that quality information is available, particularly when there are some dodgy sources out there.

Anyone who knows me knows that I usually have something to say. So why not say it on the most public platform of all, the internet? And join this fantastic community of individuals sharing their perspectives with anyone who cares to read it.

I hope to bring together my experiences as a doctor, a writer and a very ordinary human being, as we all are at the heart of it, to contribute to the greater good. My mum has recently reminded me that as a child all I wanted for treats were books and Band-Aids so perhaps my callings were evident from a young age!

I hope you will join me for my next blog on where health and creativity intersect. If you’d like to be sure to catch my next post, please sign up to follow by email. You can also follow me on Twitter (@JacquieGS) and Facebook.

How has your life been enriched by a blog?

If you blog, what has been your journey?

With best wishes for your creative health and that of our community.



Photo by Mia Holton

© 2013 Jacquie Garton-Smith  (Photo of Jacquie by Mia Holton,Change Day image thanks to )

16 thoughts on “From Books and Band-aids to Blogs

  1. Hello Jacquie, my name is Tricia.
    This is a delightful introduction to a blog. I’ve been blogging off and on for 2 years and have come to know some very special people via the blogosphere. These fellow bloggers have brought a richness to my life by the honest sharing of their stories, our shared love of words and a sense of community. Some I now consider dear friends. If you click on the Who Am I? heading of my blog you’ll find a short overview of my story.
    I wish you well and look forward to following your blog.
    Thanks to Louise Allan for bringing your blog to my attention.

  2. Hi Tricia
    Your blogs sent a tingle down my spine even before I got to your ‘Who am I’ page. Thank you so much for sharing this and thank you Louise for putting us in touch. One of my early blogs (in draft) will cover some of my personal journey. I am daily in awe of the power of the blog and both Louise’s and yours have heightened this.

  3. dionnekasianlew

    Jacquie I loved this post, your heartfelt, authentic sharing – I believe your combined medical and personal knowledge and creativity will contribute to the wonderful online community around the world – I look forward to learning from you

  4. Welcome to the blogosphere, Jacquie! I love your “books and band-aids” background. Did you like fancy band-aids, or just the regular kind. 😉 Enjoy your new blogging career.

    • I am so glad you ask Belinda! Just the plain ones… not sure the fancy ones had been invented in the late 1960s when I was a child… certainly if they had, they hadn’t made it to the shelves of the stores in Kalgoorlie where I was born and lived until circa 1973. Thanks also for your blogs.

      • Wow, Kalgoorlie! That must have been an interesting place to grow up. I just did a quick Wikipedia check, curious to see the size of Kalgoorlie, and discovered the fascinating piece of information that a town of 31,000 people has 25 historical pubs still operating today, and used to have a further 9 of them, half of which burnt down. Gives it that real frontier mining town feel, huh? (and plenty of call for band-aids) 😉

        • It was much smaller when I lived there than it is now but when we visited a few years ago the main street brought back loads of memories – still has its unique character of old mining town but flavoured by the fact it remains such an active centre for mining and other industry today. Another thing I remember as a child is not being able to go outside without shoes for much of the year – blisteringly hot ground!

  5. Hi Jacquie, I’m so glad to hear that your early experience on various social media platforms has brought some good connections. I’ve found the same thing, and think it has been quite amazing, really. And like you said, even if you could make these connections within your traditional networks, it wouldn’t happen at the speed that the digital age has brought us. As for blogging, it has also been a very rewarding experience for me. I’ve met some fantastic people. I just keep trying to inform, entertain, or both with my posts. I’m sure your posts will hit the mark on those counts. Have fun!

    • Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting Laura. It really has to be experienced to be believed. I have been both informed and entertained by your posts, indeed inspired! I look forward to reading more.

  6. Hi Jacquie
    Lovely post. I’ve been blogging since 2007 because I found that writing is a great way to explore what’s happening inside my head and outside in the world. The comments that people leave are wonderful and I’ve made some great friends globally.

    I lived in Perth and all around WA for nearly 25 years and then moved to Ireland in 1993 where I have lived and worked for 20 years.

    I’m coming back for a visit over Xmas and hope to move back to Perth/Freo permanently later next year.

    Today it’s 2C in Dublin and freezing so some sunshine will be very welcome when I visit.

    I subscribed to your blog and it’s great to have a Perth writer to follow. Also followed you on Google+ – just getting my head around how that all works!


    • Thanks Liz- I agree – It’s wonderful when people comment. I didn’t fully appreciate how a post could become a conversation.
      Another Perth Blogger you might like to follow is Louise Allan and from looking at your Google+ page and website you also may like Be Your Whole Self (Dionne also lived in Perth for many years)
      2C is something I rarely experience! Despite that, like you I am partial to champagne, wine wine and sitting by the fire (although in Perth as you’ll recall the days aren’t cold enough so it’s usually on a cold winter night!).
      Good luck with your visit and move back to WA – the sunshine will indeed be waiting for you.
      Coco looks gorgeous – will she be coming with you? She looks like she’d fit right in running along South Beach.
      I have also followed and look forward to reading more of your blog.

  7. Hi Jacquie
    Lovely to read your post.

    It’s a delight when I come across women who live what I call the AND. You are a doctor AND a writer AND many other things. You aren’t limiting how you define yourself.

    I’m writing to you from freezing cold Dublin (2C) but I’ll be back in Perth over the Xmas break and can’t wait from sunshine that lasts more than 3 days and over 22C. I’ve lived in Ireland for 20 years [and before that I lived in WA for decades and visited Kalgoorlie and worked all through the Northwest and Southwest] and plan to move back to Perth/Freo later next year.

    I’ve been blogging since 2007 and love the connections that are made with readers. I have readers who have become friends and am now sharing a house in Dublin with a friend who left a comment on one of my blogs!

    Having a space and place to muse, explore, play and just plain let off steam has been a huge and healthy part of my life.

    Just subscribed to your blog and look forward to some happy reads. I also followed you on Google+ but never fear – not stalking – just trying to get my head around how Google+ works.

    Have a great weekend Jacquie


    • Hi Liz

      What a lovely observation! You have certainly prompted me to think about the ANDs in my life, why and what they mean to me. I am sure the ANDs true for many of us and make us each the individual we are. Thanks for showing that it is something to celebrate.

      I really appreciate you sharing some of your journey too.

      I’m fairly new to Google+ too. Good luck with your exhibition – it sounds like an amazing and authentic fulfillment of your ANDs.

      Best wishes

  8. Your first blog post is way better than mine back in 2011! I agree with all you said here. I love being able to share my thoughts through writing and photography and am always amazed that anyone finds it interesting. Thanks Jacquie.

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